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Why You Should Consider Recycled Paper for Printing?
Jul 10, 2017 / in Business / by admin

The paper manufacturing industry is increasingly working hard towards bringing down its environmental impact. Some of the major steps include cultivation of trees and production of paper from recycled materials. As a number of companies opt for discount printing to give life to their promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, booklets, pamphlets, and more, recycled paper is bringing in a lot of choices to pick from. Recycled paper not only provides an effective solution to the printing needs of a business, but also helps a business take a step ahead towards eco-friendliness.

Recycled paper comes in different textures and types, which makes room for a number of applications and uses. For instance, by using a combination of paper types, you can create unique flyers, brochures or business cards. Such materials help your business stand out and get noticed in the marketplace. Use of appropriate paper, combined with proper kind of discount printing can help you make a clear statement and build your brand image.

Choosing recycled paper for printing

You should select recycled paper depending upon your printing needs. In order to choose the right paper, it is important to understand the following aspects:

  • Decide upon the scale of discount printing that you would be going for. If you can choose the right kind of paper, it can dramatically bring down your costs.
  • Before you start off with printing your promotional materials, you must understand who your target audience is. This enables you to select the paper that will be most economical as well as suitable for your audience. For example, if you want to distribute or hand out flyers, you may use basic recycled paper. The colour may not be pure white, but it will be something close to that. Again, if you are planning for an event brochure, you can use coated recycled paper. It would also be great if you can discuss with your discount printing provider regarding the appropriate paper thickness.
  • When the printed material has a large number of pages, always make sure to look into the various methods that are available for finishing those materials. From simple stapling or binding, to use of magic clips, there are in fact different kinds of ways to do this. Discuss with your printing professional about the range of options that you have to deal with numerous pages.

The cost is a major concern in case of printing your promotional materials. But when you are using recycled materials, the cost is lesser compared to that of virgin paper. Moreover, you also lessen your environmental footprint when you choose recycled paper for printing. Once you have selected the appropriate type of paper, the job is almost half done. Now it is time to proofread the document carefully and re-check the cut-offs and layouts, so that you do not have any issues after the printing is done. Get in touch with the most experience printing agency, so that you can make the right choice while printing over recycled paper.

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