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Why Business Cards Are Significant Still Today?
Nov 03, 2017 / in Business / by admin

Modern business has less of manual work and more of digital work involved. Right from sending emails, signing contracts, attending seminars and meetings, networking, every aspect of modern business is done digitally. However, amidst all this, the business card is one thing that can’t be fully replaced digitally. Enterprises rely on cheap printing services for creating business cards of their choice.

Following are the five reasons why the old business card has not yet lost relevance and they justify that you keep a pocket full of them all the times.

Digital exchange of contact information appears impersonal

Networking implies making genuine contacts or connections. Sending contact information via email or text is convenient but appears impersonal. Real relations start with engaging eye contact and a casual conversation. Two individuals communicating via SMS won’t create a significant memory of the encounter. If you are a business person and interact with your client then at the end of conversation hand your client a business card. Your client can transfer the information in the business card to his mobile device.

They are considered powerful direct marketing tools

In modern business, email marketing, search engine optimization and paid media do a great job in attracting business leads but they yield best results when accompanied by an in-person meeting, sealed with a handshake and exchange of business card at the end.

As a business person you can confront with a potential lead or contract at any point in time. You may attend industry expos or conferences, tradeshows, airport lounges, happy hour and if you possess business cards all the times, then you would never miss an opportunity to establish valuable business connections. Try to keep the business cards in your pocket, some in your wallet, laptop bag or money clip so that the next time you confront with a prospect, you are well prepared.

They create the very first impression regarding your brand

On meeting someone whom you think is a potentially great prospect or connection, it is important for you to make a great first impression. You know well that you cannot afford to lose the business client and so you use the memorable business card instead of just passing an email address or a phone number. For your business card needs seek standard cheap printing services near you.

They present your brand in a sophisticated manner

Business cards go a long way in maintaining your business and brand’s sophistication. It helps to highlight that you are serious when it comes to doing business with your clients and prospects.

With the help of well-printed business cards you can definitely make a mark and that too at the personal level. You can even use metal business cards, which are known for their extra impact. These cards make a great first impression and they are undoubtedly the best ice breakers. A unique business card helps to fuel the business conversation further. There are cheap printing services always available which can help you get the business card of your choice.

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