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The Modern Approach to Direct Mail Marketing
The Modern Approach to Direct Mail Marketing
Nov 24, 2014 / in Marketing / by admin

Direct Mail is often referred to as a traditional marketing channel, however when combined with a well thought out marketing and communications plan, direct mail is an extremely effective strategy for directly reaching your audience.

At Yes Print, we like to take a fresh approach to our marketing campaigns to ensure maximum results are achieved for our clients. Our Letterbox Drop campaigns are a targeted, eye-catching and cost effective strategy to reach and engage with a designated audience.

Here are some modern ways in which we approach our direct mail campaigns:


Addressed mail has the highest readership and conversion rate and increases the chance of your target interacting with the content and responding to your call to action. This is a really effective method for strengthening your brand and services by directly engaging with the target audience.

Targeted campaigns

Rather than sending out the same piece of communication to the masses, we believe a targeted and personalised approach is much more effective and will increase the likelihood your content will be read and acted upon. Tailoring a campaign to a specific demographic, industry or geographical area will have much more impact than mass mail-outs.

When added into your marketing mix, Letterbox campaigns are a highly effective, tangible and cost-effective strategy that should form an integral part of any marketing campaign.

If you would like to advertise your products or services via Direct Mail, the team at Yes Print can provide a complete direct marketing service from flyer design, printing and distribution. Our tailored strategies can also include direct mail to shop owners and businesses and can be coordinated across all areas of Sydney.

Contact our team today on 1300 363 365 to find out how we can integrate direct-mail into your marketing campaign.

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