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The Best Design Tips to Get Most Professionally Printed Business Cards
Apr 11, 2017 / in Business / by admin

First impressions can always be created once. So, it’s essential that you put your best foot forward and promote your business through stylish and attractive business cards. Here are some simple yet striking design rules that will make your printed business card the talk of the day.

Include a photograph

When you have handed over a business card to a prospective client in a one-to-one meeting, it might be remembered for a small period of time. However, as the days turn into weeks and time passes, people are less likely to recall the business card unless you give them something to remember. Given this, including a captivating picture in the business card enhances the card’s value and makes it easier for people to distinguish your business.

Incorporate less but relevant information

You have only a few seconds to market yourself through your business cards, so excessive information will only do more harm than good. For effective business card printing, include only the most relevant information which in a jiffy will give your customers an idea of who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch with you. Keep a good amount of free space to make quick reading more convenient.

Rope in the most significant information

Your business card must build a positive image about your brand. Do not forget to include the business name and logo, as well as the contact information. While printing business cards, you must also be careful about what you should not tell your target audience. Share only the most important information, and you can share the remaining details online or through any other means you prefer, such as social media, flyers or one-to-one conversations.

Go for an eye-catchy finish

So far as business card printing is concerned, professional providers offer you a number of options, and you can select any one of them. You can print on both sides, emboss the card, use it as a reminder for appointments, and add rounded corners, amongst other things. Whatever you do, the card must have an eye-catchy finish and match with the standards of the industry in which you are operating.

Opt for professional print quality

It is a natural tendency of business owners to bring down the promotional costs. Hence, you may find it a lucrative idea to purchase blank cards at a cheap rate from any local office supplies provider, and go for printing on your own. However, the quality of these cards will never be equal to those provided by experienced professionals. Hence do not risk your reputation by looking unprofessional just to save a few bucks.

Whenever you print your business cards, always make sure to print an adequate number so that you do not run out of stock. However, do not print an excessive number of business cards, because these can become outdated and you might have to discard them. Print an optimum amount and keep each business card relevant, professional and captivating.

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