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Simple Things You Can Do to Create an Effective Brochure
Simple Things You Can Do to Create an Effective Brochure
Jun 02, 2017 / in Brochure / by admin

If you are planning to opt for cheap brochure printing, it’s definitely a great decision that you have taken towards having a powerful marketing campaign. But whether it is the introduction of your business or a new product, the launch of an offer or anything else for that matter, the brochure needs to be effective enough to fulfill its purpose. You must take care of the following aspects to make your brochure create the right impression.

  1. Know the pulse of your customer

Before you rush for cheap brochure printing, it’s time to wait, think and find the answer to the following questions- Why should your target market be interested in buying your product? What is that one most crucial problem which your service or product can solve? If you are not aware of the answers, then there is no point is creating the brochure. Get the answers and then go ahead to develop an effective brochure.

  1. Keep AIDA in mind

AIDA stands for that very common Attention, Interest, Desire and Attention that the marketing schools teach. But you must not ignore AIDA simply because it’s common. In order to drive sales, your brochure must get noticed amidst the clutter, arouse interest in your prospect to know more about your products and services, and create the desire to purchase or take any other specific action (return a post card, make an appointment, and so on).

  1. Incorporate images that the customer finds important

This is a very crucial thing to remember as you opt for cheap brochure printing. Your target customer will definitely be interested in your product or the results to be received once the service or product is used. So, make sure not to incorporate irrelevant images; all the images that you include should have optimum clarity and professionalism.

  1. Make sure the headlines are focused on benefits

Immediately after the recipient gets hold of the brochure, he or she will scan through the headline. Make sure that you incorporate something that catches their attention, such as a benefit or an exclusive solution. Only then you can make your target audience read through the copy. Remember that it takes even less than five seconds for an average reader to glance through the headline and decide whether to continue reading or not.

  1. Concentrate on readability

You can make your brochure artistic. There’s no problem in it, but readability should be a prime focus. If people find it difficult to read through your brochure, they will definitely ignore it. So, refrain from using stuff like dark colored fonts on dark background or gray fonts on white or light background. Also, do not include lots of texts without break-ups, because these things act as great repellants.

Apart from taking care of all these, you must also pay due attention to giving your target audience a solid reason to act. Try to include special discounts, free gifts, rebates, and so on- they do work!

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