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How to Use Flyers to Boost Your Restaurant or Café Business
How to Use Flyers to Boost Your Restaurant or Café Business
Jul 13, 2017 / in Business / by admin

Flyer marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to grow your restaurant or cafe business by driving sales. However, you must walk in the right direction to have a solid marketing campaign.

Here are some great tips to help you create a convincing flyer distribution campaign.

Take care of the message

Whenever you are opting for cheap flyer printing for your restaurant business, remember that the most effective flyer starts off with some lucrative offer. The point is that the discount that you are offering does not have to be large to create the right impact, but it must be relevant to the time of the year and to your target audience.

For instance, 50% off on cardigans will not work during the summer season, but a 30% discount on cardigans during winter will definitely work. So, find out the type of discount that you can promote to boost your sales at a particular time of the year.

Be particular about the design

If you are trying to increase sales through cheap flyer printing and distribution, the brand is not the most important thing here. Whether you are creating awareness for your brand or not, you must send across a focussed message that helps in enhancing your sales volume. You can include anything in the restaurant or cafe flyer as long as it has a positive impact on your sales. So, do not forget to include the right message and design it in the most appropriate manner, so that it clicks with your target audience.

Go for appropriate distribution techniques

Businesses opting for print marketing often go wrong with distribution. The majority print around 5000 to 10,000 flyers, and go for extensive distribution, so that a large area in covered, with the maximum number of people receiving a single flyer. However, this strategy often fails to increase sales.

The most effective strategy is to print around 5000 flyers and spread the distribution program across 5 weekends in the same area, ensuring that a minimum of 1000 people get to know who you are through repeated promotion. These 1000 people will have your products or services in their mind, and will speak to others about the same when the situation arises.

Add a shape

It is not a very big investment but the impact will invariably be big. Every business does not need to add a shape to the promotional materials, but in case there is scope for adding shape when you are going for cheap flyer printing, you must do it. Every single flyer is a representation of your business and by adding a relevant shape you are in fact reinforcing your message.

Have a landing page ready

Landing pages are great at selling as well as tracking and monitoring the visitors who land there. The problem with flyer distribution is that once the campaign is over there are chances that you are forgotten and there are no more sales after a period of time. The landing page solves this problem, more so when the page is designed in line with the particular discount you are promoting.

A flyer can maximize sales for you restaurant when you use it in the right manner. Contact the best professionals to help you in flyer printing and distribution, for an impactful campaign that drives sales.

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