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How to Make Your Print Design More Captivating? | Yesprint
How to Make Your Print Design More Captivating?
Feb 01, 2017 / in Printing and Design / by admin

Whether you are printing a brochure, flyer, catalogue or pamphlet, the entire design must be impressive in order to get the desired attention as well as action from the right audience. Here are some great tips that will make you move towards more eye-catchy print design.

Incorporate the latest logo

Whenever you are aiming at print design for your business, you must incorporate a visually appealing and updated logo that is not only trendy, but also caters to all kinds of audience. An updated logo in print goes a long way in helping your brand reflect a modern outlook and also increases familiarity with your brand, services, and products.

Be creative with paper size

Standard paper sizes are always available for printing your designs, but that does not mean you always have to go by these standards, even if they don’t suit your requirements. For examples, at times, square booklets provide a more fulfilling reading experience. Again, A5 and other smaller paper sizes are extremely convenient to carry. So, you can always deviate from the standard A4 and take some chances with regards to the paper size; it does pay off.

Go for ‘out of paper’ thinking

Out of the box thinking has already been there, so why not try some out of the paper thinking? If you use the entire paper to print without defining any borders or boundaries, your audience will definitely see the bigger picture by filling up the gaps, since the human mind is naturally trained to do so. This type of ‘outside the paper’ print design can be extremely attractive and hence draw increased amount of attention.

Take care of typography

If your print design revolves around textual content, you must concentrate on typography and make it an integral aspect of your design. In order to make an impact with the message you are sending across, selection of the right font is extremely important because it can make your flyer stand out amongst the rest instead of being simply glanced over. On the whole, your goal must be to ensure optimal readability.

Believe in the ‘less is more’ concept

Refrain from incorporating excessive amount of content on your page, because it might lead to ‘visual noise’, something that is bound to repel your audience. Analyze what is really important for your business and needs to be mandatorily included in the printed material, and remove all other unnecessary ‘visual disturbances’. The ‘less is more’ concept is the key to success so far as print advertising is concerned.

Choose graphics and photos wisely

Before going for any print design, you must first decide whether to use photos, graphics or both. While vector format graphics are extremely trendy and lively, photographs can set a particular tone for the message you are conveying. But always remember that the source material must be of high quality. So, if you intend to work with photographic material, make sure to avoid low resolution photos.

These tips will help you all the way whether you are a startup company looking for promotion or an established brand intending to gain fresh followers and customers. Make your promotional efforts yield desired results with perfect print designs.

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