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How to Come Up with Killer Business Card Job Titles?
How to Come Up with Killer Business Card Job Titles?
Jun 30, 2017 / in Business / by admin

Do you want to present yourself as a highly innovative and creative individual amongst your network? Then you would have to go for cheap printing of business cards, but before that, what is most required is coming up with an attractive job title to include in your business card. Although this may apparently sound easy, the task is a bit difficult, especially due to the size of the card.

Composing a job title that draws the customer’s attention

Through your business card, you should let the world know your identity, that is, who you are as well as what you do. But if you go for cheap printing and create a standard card which reflects a job title similar to others in the same position as you, it would be of no help. The customer would simply ignore it, thinking it to be ‘another of the same stuff’. If you are aiming for brand building, you must create a business card that helps you get noticed. The best way to do this is to add a job title that has some element of humour.

Examples of creative job titles

Are you worried about how to transform that usual, boring job title into something that not only creates a ripple, but also is an accurate reflection of your business?

Here are some good examples showing you exactly how you can go about it.

  • Money Wizard- Any guesses? Well, this is a funny version of the very famous job title ‘Accounting Manager’. Whether it is handling payrolls, expenses or budgets, accounting managers always deal with money matters which indeed call for a lot of organization capabilities and other skills.
  • Chief Cheerleader- This truly sounds a bit weird, but it is this weirdness that will work and attract customers. It is a humorously modified version of “Chief Executive Officer”. One of the major responsibilities of a CEO is to keep up the morale of the organization through praising and encouraging employees, so what’s wrong in highlighting that role through the job title?

Ideas for properly phrasing the title

Before you hire a cheap printing provider to print your business card, you need to think about your exact job responsibilities and how you can represent the same to your customers in a unique manner.

The following techniques can come in very handy:

  • Do not keep your customer guessing as to what your main job role is. For instance, if you are responsible for sales, your job title can be something like “Sales Guru”.
  • It’s good to make fun of what you do through your job title, because that attracts customers. Say, if you are the Managing Director for a beer company, your job title can be something like “Chief Beer Authority”. That’s funny, but attractive!
  • Find some good alternatives for the conventional adjectives and nouns that are used in a job title similar to yours. For instance, instead of ‘specialist’, you can consider using ‘connoisseur’.

When you create business cards through cheap printing, remember to incorporate memorable titles. Think out of the box if you must, and come up with perfect titles that stand out!

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