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Easily Avoidable Print Buying Mistakes That You Must Know About
Easily Avoidable Print Buying Mistakes That You Must Know About
Oct 10, 2017 / in Printing and Design / by admin

Print buying is a technique that borrows from a person’s creativity and skill set. It costs a business a considerable amount of money in order to plan, process and buy print material. It is an industry notorious for being overbearing on its practitioners. This makes them highly prone to mistakes. In order to conduct successful print buying, you must focus on making your print buying more competent while simultaneously managing to lessen your costs.

Here are five mistakes that need to be avoided –

Selecting the wrong printing company

Often companies looking for discount printing end up selecting the agency which is not suited to their needs. An agency which has small printers is unlikely to print on a big scale. The person in charge must take into consideration –

  • The budget
  • The printers being provided by the printing company
  • Size of the order

Not doing so may result in a terrible partnership which negatively affects both parties.

Going for unnecessary paper costs

In the current market of growing paper costs, choosing the correct grade of paper is vital. You should ask for samples and discuss thoroughly with experts before selecting a grade of paper. In short, you must strike a balance between affordable paper cost and good quality of paper.

Getting involved in miscommunication

A mistake that can ruin a stock full of printing material is not communicating well with the printing team. You need to be clear about what you want and what the discount printing agency is offering. In order to avoid the mistake of miscommunication, these steps must be followed –

  • Keep in constant touch with the printing company
  • Have a sit-down with them, go through their samples. Take into consideration their vision and come up with a plan that is mutually appreciated
  • Set out a list of the tasks of each person involved in the process
  • Set a standard for the acceptable level of quality and the level of service that you require from the printing company
  • Have a printed agreement discussing all these factors

Not monitoring cost reduction procedures

There are numerous digital workflow processes that can reduce the cost of printing considerably. Keep a close check on the production patterns and schedules as a close monitoring can sufficiently reduce your costs.

Not buying the right number

In order to optimize your print buying experience the correct number fit for your requirement must be carefully decided. There have been many times when a business has ordered too much resulting in wastage of costly printing material. When you are going for discount printing the cheap rates may force the buyer to elect a package that offers an unnecessary high number of printing materials. The same can be said about selecting a low requirement. That can lead to additional rounds of printing which are costly and easily avoidable.

Buying printing material is a business cost which can be easily reduced by following these guidelines. It is wise to do so as it will convert this business expense into a fruitful investment.

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