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Advertising Your Business When You Only Have Business Cards
Apr 21, 2017 / in Business / by admin

A business card is one of the most valuable tools for promoting your business. It performs a range of tasks, from highlighting your business image to leaving a firm reminder long after your meeting with the recipient is over. This valuable referral tool works with equal power, whether you have a home-based business, a start-up, a retail store, an online portal, or any other business.

The appropriate way to design a business card

Generally a business card is a rectangle, 140mm x 60mm. A logo is an important component of the company’s image, so it would be a great idea to incorporate a logo created by a professional designer. While getting the logo designed, do not just create one for only your business card, since in future you might want to design brochures, flyers, magazines and more, as part of your promotional campaign. So, look for a logo that suits all your promotional materials.

Before including information in the card, list all the items that you feel are important and should be included. Some recommendations to consider are business name, owner name or name of the contact person, fax, email, phone, address, website (if any), and the like. Some marketers tend to fill up a large amount of the business card with the phone number but actually, clients look for features and benefits of your business, in all of your marketing materials. So, try to include them in a nutshell, at least a couple of major points.

Whether your business card will be formal or of the more casual type depends upon the kind of business you are doing. So, remember to highlight yourself in a proper manner in your business card, in line with the business you are doing. Your business type will also determine the paper, typefaces and colors to be used. For instance, if you are a lawyer, it is best to opt for a formal design, while as a restaurant owner; it would be great to opt for a stylish, casual business card with a more personal touch.

Whenever you choose a printing company, check the portfolio of the company and ask for some samples of their previous work. An established provider will love to show you work done in the past.

The proper places to make use of the business card

You must not miss out on sharing your business cards in any networking event you attend. Also, if you are a local business, make sure that every house or office in your target neighborhood has your business card. In some places you will find event and bulletin boards. All you need to do is pin your cards to these boards, and keep on doing this regularly, since people do check these boards from time to time.

If you use business cards properly, there is hardly anything that can be a more powerful tool than a business card. A card received by the right person, can indeed create a remarkable difference in your business.

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