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If you are serious about your client relationship management, try addressed mail and we tell you how.

Addressed mail campaigns has the highest readership and conversion rate. This offline targeting method can remind your existing clients of your capabilities and services or cut through the crowd to reach your target audience with customised approach. Even Google uses this method to deliver their message when launching new products – here is why.

You talk to an individual on a one-on-one level. It's you and the customer. You have more time to persuade, convince and engage those receiving your mail-out. You can ask them a direct question and encourage a direct response.
Mail is the most likely form of communication to get a response from a recipient. This is because you often actually supply the means of response – which can be coupons, reply cards, application forms or telephone numbers. You're also more likely to evoke a positive response because you are conveying your message to people at a time of their choosing, making them more receptive to what you have to say.
Cost Effective
Mail provides a very affordable way to sell your message and elicit a response. Through targeting, profiling and segmentation, you'll maximise your returns on time and money spent and minimise wastage. And there are other savings to be made: a printed response form, for example, gathers the specific information you need at a fraction of the cost of a phone call.
You can measure the exact cost of every response. Moreover, mail is a continuous learning process: through data collection and analysis of mail campaigns you deepen your understanding of your direct mail-out audience. What you learn provides return-on-investment information that will help refine your next campaign. Each mailing can be more effective and more precisely targeted than the last.
Are you new to direct mail marketing?
We are here to take all of the stress out of your next Addressed Mail Campaign.
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