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Add Special Finishes for Smart Business Card Printing
Jul 17, 2017 / in Business / by admin


Do you want to create a memorable impression with discount printing of business cards? Then a great design is a must, and when you are done with it, adding special finishes will make your business get noticed in a crowded market.

Get to know what type of special touches you can add for a captivating business card.


This is a transparent coating that you can apply during discount printing of the business card. It makes the business card more durable, and it retains its glaze for a long period of time even after frequent handling. Depending upon your brand or business outlook, you can choose from amongst a range of textures or looks. For instance, if your brand perspective is a modern one, you may go for matte or glossy finish. Again, if you want a leather or rubber like texture, you can opt for textured spot UV varnish.

Die Cuts

Die cuts are sometimes used to maintain the structural integrity of the business card. Corners are cut out of the card, which imparts a unique look. You can also become more creative by cutting out certain other design elements. For example, in case there are curved lines in your corporate design, a business card with large rounded corners becomes the perfect match.


You can include 3D elements within the business card while discount printing through a stamping technique called embossing. This involves raising a part of the card above the remaining portion, while lowered a section in the opposite side. Embossing adds glamour to the logo, and can also enhance a product image.


A card can be conveniently separated or split when a ‘half cut’ is used in the form of a perforation. You can combine a fold with perforation for a creative and attractive business card. This is great for business cards that come with a coupon, and can often be used for hospitality or retail industries. Again you can also go for perforations when you want to create a business card with a detachable price list. Also, if you want the recipient to keep a particular portion of the card handy for ready use, you may use perforations so that the recipient can separate that particular portion.

Size Enhancement with a Fold

Business owners opting for discount printing of business cards can go for this type of design when there is a lot of information to be included in the business card. When the card’s size is doubled and a fold is added, you can conveniently include the information you want without violating the standard dimensions of the business card. A folded card allows you to have a neat exterior getup, perhaps containing the logo and basic contact information. You can have other details such as your branches, and map of location in the interior of the card.

Business cards with special finishes help you stay in the minds of your prospects and get recalled long after you have met them. So, while designing and printing your business card, do not forget to walk that extra mile.

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