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5 Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Print Brochure
5 Professional Tips for Developing Balanced Page Layouts
Jun 19, 2017 / in Brochure / by admin

When you design a page for a brochure or flyer that would go for discount printing, one of the primary goals is to ensure that the required information is communicated to the reader with ample amount of clarity. In other words, if the reader does not understand your message, it’s as good as no promotion at all. Given this, creating a balanced layout is one of the key means to appropriately deliver the desired message to the reader.

So, how do you ensure that there is good amount of balance in your page layouts? Here are some great approaches to help you out with the structure.

  1. Utilizing a grid

The grid system certainly imparts a degree of balance to your page and makes the final result of discount printing outstanding. With the help of a grid, you can properly arrange various elements over the page, and can even connect these elements to form an integrated whole. In this way you can bring in a kind of order in your layout, which in turn gives the reader a structural reference of high clarity. The main thing to note is that when all the elements of a page seem connected to one another, reading the printed product becomes quite comfortable.

  1. Selecting only one focal point

This works wonderfully in creating a balance. A brilliant example of creating a single focal point is the inclusion of a huge image in a page, which becomes the focal point. In fact, by incorporating a strong visual, you can give the reader a direction within the page. Moreover, this visual becomes a powerful structural element around which the remaining content can be arranged to create a solid layout. Instead of an image, visual interest can also be created by using a pull quote or a headline.

  1. Using the Rule of Thirds

Are you aware of the Golden Ratio or The Rule of Thirds? Well, it says that if the page is divided horizontally as well as vertically into thirds, the intersection points of the grid lines become the natural focal points. Once the major elements of the page are aligned to these four points, you will surely receive a highly pleasant composition.

  1. Incorporating white space

Novice designers usually commit the mistake of utilizing the entire space available on a page, overloading it with content until there is no gap left. But as you become more experienced, you will understand that by leaving elements out, you can often create the most effective designs that lead to exceptional discount printing. By incorporating certain amount of white space, you leave some breathing space for the elements, thereby creating a balanced and composed layout.

  1. Repeating design elements

Repetition can bring in a good amount of connectivity, again creating a balance. Actually, by reusing a design or motif all through the layout or in a major portion of it, you give the reader a kind of reference to feel a connection amongst the disparate areas in the composition.

Discount printing is indeed cost-effective, and you can indeed make the most of it with an above par design. So go ahead and build a balanced layout for every page design that you create.

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